How to form Healthy Habits in 2019 (and stick to them!)

Hands up who set new years resolutions and has already failed?

Let me start by saying you didn’t fail, you just didn’t know how to make it work. When we make resolutions, we don’t make a plan of action. Instead of setting resolutions, work on healthy habits.

Do you want to get fit and healthy? Maybe you want to start your own blog. Whatever you want to do, it is achievable by simply turning it into a habit. Make your goal part of your daily routine by doing the steps listed below!

1. Commit for 1 month

Committing to your goal for 30 days is key to forming a habit. Studies have shown that to form a new habit, you need to do the same thing for 30 days in a row. So you want to get healthy? Go running, jogging, walking or swimming everyday. Do you want to finish writing a novel? Set yourself a goal (e.g. 500- 1000 words a day) and stick to it, every single day.

It will be hard and some days you wont feel like it but do something small that gets you closer to your goal. It will help you form a habit and ultimately, make it easier in the long run.

2. Track your progress

It is easy to get disheartened when you start working on a new goal. Sometimes it can feel like you’re not getting anywhere. To combat these negative feelings, track your progress daily.

Daily habit trackers are perfect for seeing your progress in a positive light. Color your daily habit tracker in when you work on your goal that day.

3. Reward yourself

It can be incredibly easy to stop working on your habit/ goals. Setting rewards when you hit a milestone can help you feel motivated to continue your hard work

Are you trying to get fit and healthy? Reward yourself when you run 3 miles by having a nice relaxing bath. Are you struggling to reach your daily word count? Treat yourself to something sweet when you reach your daily goal. Your rewards might be different and that is okay. They have to work for you.

4. One habit at a time

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Starting more than one habit at a time may sound attractive but you are more likely to stick to a habit if you work it alone. Making a drastic change to your lifestyle isn’t healthy and will inevitably increase your stress levels.

Do you have 5 habits you want to form? Start a new one every month. It may sound tedious but starting your habits one at a time will turn them into habits for life.

5. Start small

Don’t feel like you need to go from 0-100% straight away. You need to ease yourself into a new habit with small, baby steps. Are you trying to wake up at 5 am? Set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier every week until you eventually reach 5 am. Taking giant leaps will overwhelm you but small steps will feel more achievable.